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Everyone in the world, by now, would know that the travel industry is at a complete standstill due to COVID-19, the loss of income is inconceivable. Tourism is one of the largest employers on the planet.

This global stop-work comes at a far higher price to some, more than others. Where people literally live hand to mouth, any drop in income has a dire effect on, not only their own health but also that of their family and community.

At MAD we are vastly aware of the struggle traveller's stay at home orders have on the livelihoods of communities in South America, those who only recently were opening their doors to welcome us to their homes, are now struggling to feed their families. Tourism is their world.

Using the infrastructure of our parent company, Chimu Adventures, we felt compelled to raise funds to help feed for our Latin families and distribute via our networks. After all, it only costs $40 to feed an entire family for a week.

But exactly how could we run an appeal when everyone in the planet is hurting? We cast the idea out to our team, knowing that the very core of the people we employ is packed with care.

We didn’t need to look very far. Within hours, Chimu’s Relationship Manager to Queensland, James McAlloon, offered to walk across the entire continent of Australia in a quest that would quickly become reality.  

‘Footsteps for Food’ was born that very day.  

Knowing full well how capable James is of completing such a feat, we jumped on the idea to support him. So, on July 1 James will depart from Broadbeach on the Gold coast and will walk across Australia, from the Gold Coast to the Margaret River on a quest to raise funds to feed families devastated by the effects of Covid-19.




























*note in the event that Australian borders remain closed, James will choose an alternative route that will take him around Queensland.

Every sponsorship cent he receives will go towards purchasing food for people in South America who are struggling from the loss of our tourism to their communities.

James will be using his own savings to pay for the expedition while Chimu organise the ground support and logistics in South America to purchase local-grown foods and distribute to those in need.

If you are able, we would encourage you to help James on his journey, for as little as $40 an entire family feeds comfortably whilst we wait for the doors to open again.  We are also aware that many of our friends reading this are in the travel industry so might not be able to help with $, if you can help with a share, we'd love you just as much! 

We look forward to sharing James' journey as he walks alone and self-supported through one of the harshest landscapes on earth.

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