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We want you to be M.A.D!



When we look at the world’s problems, many of us are overwhelmed. They seem too big for one person to Make A Difference. But imagine this, if we are all at least doing something instead of nothing , each and every action will add up to create a global reaction and together we can create a better future for our planet, people and environment. Doubt breeds inactivity, hope breeds movement. Join our


The ‘Make A Difference’ Project is a registered, not-for-profit organisation and was set up with facilitation in mind, a place where those who want to help make a difference to challenged communities, the environment and historical preservation can come and find reliable ways to contribute. All of our projects have been thoroughly researched for their ethical and moral outcomes. The MAD Project is supported by Chimu Adventures so that the project itself has no overheads, every donation made is passed onto the projects it supports, in full. 

Chad Carey

Chimu Adventures was founded in 2004, we had always wanted a key focus of the company to be helping with sustainability and underprivileged communities.


Since those early days, we’ve tried to stay focused on that ethos by funding hundreds of community mirco-finance projects, using locally owned and operated hotels and services and generally doing as much as we can to make sure as mush of our client’s funds as possible goes towards improving and local communities and/or making local communities environmentally sustainable.


Over the years, we’ve tried to do more and more things but finally in 2014 we realised that in order to make a difference on a larger scale, we need to start a separate foundation – purely dedicated to this goal.


Hence MAD was born! As we roll out the foundation’s first projects we’re so excited to be able to have this opportunity, and to be able to share these projects with our community.

We hope you feel motivated by what we’re doing as we need people’s involvement to help us Make A Difference!


Meg Hall

Having worked at Chimu Adventures since 2011, where I have been focussed on growing the brand and the ethos of the company, I was thrilled when I was asked to join in the directorship of a foundation where we could really build on the sustainability momentum already gained. 


It was just what I was looking for, a platform where I could draw on my energies and pour it into my passion, this planet and its communities. 

I have spent the past 20 years visiting the far corners of this world  and promoting sustainable tourism. On this journey, I have spent a significant amount of time in sustainable communities in impoverished countries and have learnt more about the importance of community and education, than I could ever learn staying put in the western world, where I feel our efforts are often isolated and over governed.


Incredibly it is in the western world where we find  the most people throwing their hands in surrender as they stare down the barrel of doubt, filing it as someone else's problem, many don't seem to realise how easy it is to make a difference. 


Now that the MAD project has been born I urge you to ask yourself, are you M.A.D? If not we're here to help you. 

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