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Misión México 


Misión México was established by Pam and Alan Skuse, originally from the Sunshine Coast. It’s a place 50 children call home; a place where they are considered one of the family. It is somewhere they are loved and provided with opportunities for growth, development and advancement in all areas of their lives including education and emotional support. 

Changing over 250 lives

Since Misión México was established in 2001, more than 250 children from various circumstances of need have been helped. These children have been abused, abandoned, neglected and are often from extreme poverty. All have an opportunity to escape the cycle of abuse and poverty and are enjoying a second chance at life.

Resembling a family home

The refuge resembles a family home rather than an institution, where the children feel loved and secure. The children attend school, something most of them had not experienced before.

The children are also learning to swim and surf and are the only surfers in Tapachula! Surfing is a previously unknown activity in the area, yet it has become a uniquely transforming sporting activity for these children.

We appreciate your help


With no financial support from the Government, the refuge relies solely on the generosity of individuals, businesses and fundraising to continue its work.



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